Mayoral and Aldermanic Endorsements

This year’s election comes at a critical time when the City of Chicago faces great challenges. The Association’s Political Action Committee looked carefully at the responses to our questionnaires that were sent to all of the candidates. Of the mayoral candidates that responded and appeared in front of the Committee, Bob Fioretti responded most favorably to our concerns regarding pensions, promotions, retiree health care, and overall strategies to combat crime and violence. Additionally, Bob Fioretti expressed his vision for the future of the Police Department and the City of Chicago, which ultimately led to the decision to endorse Bob Fioretti for Mayor of the City of Chicago. We ask that you support the candidacy of Bob Fioretti and to urge your family and friends to support him as well. The Committee relied on the questionnaires and support from members and community to recommend these endorsements. We ask that you support all of the Association’s endorsed candidates, but most importantly, participate in the election process by voting in February.

Mayor Bob Fioretti
1st Ward Anne Shaw
2nd Ward Bita Buenrostro CPD Family
3rd Ward No Endorsement
4th Ward No Endorsement
5th Ward No Endorsement
6th Ward Roderick T. Sawyer Incumbent
7th Ward Joseph J. Moseley CPD Sergeant – Retired
8th Ward No Endorsement
9th Ward Marcia Brown
10th Ward Samantha M. Webb CPD Officer
11th Ward No Endorsement
12th Ward George Cardenas Incumbent
13th Ward Unopposed
14th Ward Unopposed
15th Ward Raymond A. Lopez
16th Ward Toni L. Foulkes Incumbent (15th)
17th Ward No Endorsement
18th Ward Michael A. Davis CPD Family
19th Ward Matthew J. O’Shea Incumbent
20th Ward Willie B. Cochran Incumbent – CPD Sergeant – Retired
21st Ward Doris Lewis Brooks
22nd ward No Endorsement
23rd Ward Michael A. Zalewski Incumbent
24th Ward No Endorsement
25th Ward No Endorsement
26th Ward No Endorsement
27th Ward No Endorsement
28th Ward No Endorsement
29th Ward Chris Taliaferro CPD Sergeant
30th Ward No Endorsement
31st Ward No Endorsement
32nd Ward Scott Waguespack Incumbent
33rd Ward Annisa Wanat
34th Ward No Endorsement
35th Ward No Endorsement
36th Ward Joaquin Vazquez CPD Family – CFD
37th Ward Emma M. Mitts Incumbent
38th Ward Nicholas Sposato Incumbent – CFD
39th Ward Margaret Laurino Incumbent
40th Ward Patrick J. O’Connor Incumbent
41st Ward Anthony V. Napolitano Former CPD – CFD – CPD Family
42nd Ward Unopposed
43rd Ward Jen Kramer
44th Ward No Endorsement
45th Ward John Garrido CPD Lieutenant
46th Ward James Cappleman Incumbent
47th Ward No Endorsement
48th Ward Unopposed
49th Ward Joe Moore Incumbent
50th Ward Debra L. Silverstein Incumbent