12 Hour Days and Canceled RDO’s

Hello all,

The Department has now made it common practice to cancel days off as well as go to 12 hour shifts. Both of these measures are fine for a once in a while situation, not every week or even every other week. This is putting an enormous amount of stress physically as well as emotionally. We are judged by our politicians, media, and citizens long before anyone knows the full story. This again adds pressure. There are a few benefits the Department has given us to combat this stress both mentally and physically. A couple phone numbers EAP 312-743-0378 and Police Chaplains Ministry 312-738-2831, both are more than happy to lend an ear to those that need someone to listen to them. During the recent contract negotiation Mayor Lightfoot stated “When you’re tired and you’re having to make life or death decisions, you’re not going to be at your best if you are working a schedule that essentially is around the clock with really no breaks. So that’s something that I think we have responsibility for. One of the things that I am a champion for is making sure the Department does a heck of a lot more and a better job around Officer wellness. Well you can’t be well if you don’t have time to recover from one of the most tough and traumatic jobs that there are, which is to be a Police Officer in an urban environment like Chicago.” In her own words the Mayor states your health and well-being are of the utmost importance to her. Therefore, if you feel you are not capable of “having to make literally life or death decisions” due to basically “working a schedule that essentially is around the clock with really no breaks”, you need to take advantage of the resources or benefits available to you. Whether it be through EAP, the Chaplain’s Unit, or the Medical. You need to be able to function at 100%. I am in no way advocating or suggesting and never will, that someone hits the Medical just to hit the Medical, that is a violation of the policy and General Orders. Misuse of the Medical can and will result in disciplinary action. But if you are not capable of performing properly you owe it to not only yourself, your fellow co-workers, but also to the Mayor and every citizen of this city to seek a remedy to the ailment. Please keep yourselves and those you hold dear safe in these times and at all times.

Stay safe,