3% COLA Update

Unfortunately, I still do not have good news regarding the 3% COLA for those in Tier 1 and born on 01 January 1966 or later. Sadly, we are still being discriminated against due to our status as Chicago Police Officers born after a certain date. We are always told by our politicians to treat everyone fairly, something we absolutely should do without being told to, except we are constantly shown that they will treat us as second-class citizens. More of their do as I say not as I do routine. Below are two letters, one addressed to the Governor and the other addressed to State Senator Rob Martwick, the lead sponsor on the CFD’s COLA birthdate removal bill. That bill (HB2451) passed easily and was signed by Governor Pritzker in April of 2021. We are continuously looked upon to be all things to the City. Every day more and more duties are added for the Police to be responsible for, all while being Monday night quarterbacked by everyone and their brother and treated as a disposable resource. I mailed the letters to the Governor and Senator Martwick approximately 3 weeks ago, and as of 27 June 2022, I have not heard anything from either one. 

Please keep yourself and all those around you safe. 

Thank you all, 


Letter to Gov. Pritzker Regarding COLA
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Letter to Senator Martwick Regarding COLA
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