Board of Directors Election

The Election Committee met on October 14 to verify candidate petitions and prepare ballots for the election for Executive Officers and Directors of the Association. Upon completion of the verification process, all of the candidates were unopposed. The committee then declared the candidates as elected by proclamation. I wish to thank the Election Committee; Don Januszyk, Keith Mayo, Ted Raab, Gene Richmond, and Al Piantkowski, made up of retired members of the Association, for their continued dedication to our members. The Association’s new Executive Officers and Board of Directors will be installed at the Annual Meeting of the Association in January of 2015.


Jim Ade


Paul Bilotta

Financial Secretary

Glenn White

Recording Secretary

Jim Raffae


Chris Pettis

Sergeant at Arms

Rich Moravec


Mark Andersen

Mike Barz

Mark McDermott

Gerry Murphy

Dan O’Connor

Mike Rafferty

Keith Rigan

Gabi Shemash

Eddie Sullins